Horse physiotherapy

Dr. Roberta Blake, PhD, MVetMed, BVetMed, PGCERT, FHEA.

IAAHT Registered therapist

Equine massage, rehabilitation & performance.

My work with horses started over 20 years ago as an equine surgeon in my native Brazil, and has encompassed roles in research, teaching and general vet practice. I have been involved in nearly 200 research projects, in areas as diverse as regenerative medicine using stem cells, to the biomechanical analysis of both horse and rider during sporting endeavours. Currently, I am a senior lecturer/associate professor in several animal therapy and rehabilitation subjects at Anglia Ruskin University. My work with horses has shown that physiotherapy can have a huge impact not only on the horse but on the rider too - a balanced rider is a balanced horse and vice versa.

Veterinary physiotherapy for horses differs from dogs in that a lot more emphasis is placed on active rehabilitation, using various exercises to target specific pathologies. The technology used on horses tends to differ too as therapeutic tools such as laser have to be more powerful to penetrate into deeper structures. Similar to dogs and small animals however, research has shown that a holistic approach to surgery and injury rehabilitation including physiotherapy reduces healing times, improves outcomes and working longevity.

Veterinary physiotherapy techniques such as stretching and massage are now employed as a matter of course for sporting horses to improve performance and maintain comfort during multi day events, with more and more teams employing full time physios for their horses and riders, and I take great pride in working with horse owners to obtain the best outcomes for their horses, regardless of their level of performance.

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