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Vetruvian Physiotherapy and Biomechanics specialise in physiotherapy for dogs and horses. If you're looking for a canine or equine physiotherapist near Southend on Sea, contact us today.

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What does a veterinary physiotherapist do?

Veterinary Physiotherapy

Dogs or horses are just like humans in that after surgery or an injury they sometimes need the help of a physiotherapist to regain mobility, muscle tone and health. The first thing we do is to liaise with your vet or specialist referral centre to ensure we fully understand the condition and patients history. After a thorough at home or yard assessment we create a treatment plan which typically involves the use of massage to improve blood flow and healing times, stretching to improve mobility and joint function and certain electrotherapies to reduce pain and maximise the bodies ability to heal. We also agree a therapeutic exercise plan, to ensure that once a patient regains their health they have the best chance of maintaining fitness and longevity.

A physiotherapist for dogs or horses needs to bring together a detailed knowledge of anatomy and physiology, have a trained eye, excellent palpation skills, and a huge amount of empathy, for both the patient and owners. We believe every patient that we care for becomes part of our extended family, and we work hard to ensure that our family members are cared for throughout their lives, with ongoing support where needed. Many animals struggle with longer terms conditions such as arthritis, so as well as offering treatment and maintenance services we also provide ongoing support regarding appropriate exercise, diet, weight management and drug free pain management.

Physiotherapy for dogs in particular is becoming more widely recognised as the fastest way for them to recover from surgery, whilst physiotherapy for horses has always been at the centre of injury care management.

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