dog phsyiotherapy with peanut ball

Dr. Scott Blake, PhD, MVetPhys

RAMP Registered
Specialist physiotherapist for dogs

I have spent my life around dogs, but it wasn't until my early 40's that I decided to become a canine physiotherapist. This was not an easy feat considering it required four years full-time study at university to obtain a Masters degree in veterinary physiotherapy. Happily, I completed my course as one of only two students to achieve a distinction that year.

Since graduating, I have had the honour of working with the likes of the Metropolitan Police Dog Training Facility, International Search and Rescue teams, and more recently the British Flyball Association. To better understand my clients and their needs I have also completed a PhD in canine biomechanics, investigating injury rates in canine sports, and, more importantly, how owners and canine therapists alike can reduce inherent risks. Alongside my canine physiotherapy practise and studying, I also teach canine physiotherapy techniques and animal biomechanics at Anglia Ruskin University, so my days are always rewarding and full.

Physiotherapy for dogs is increasingly used by both vets and pet owners seeking out treatments which provide positive, tangible results without the need for surgery or drugs. Where surgery is needed, many vets prescribe medications that can have a serious effect on a dog's overall health and longevity, whereas the physiotherapy techniques I use such as massage, electrotherapies and targeted exercise plans have been scientifically proven to reduce pain, shorten healing times, increase wellbeing and enhance virtually every aspect of a dog's life, all from the comfort of their own home.

To learn more, or to make an appointment please contact me on 07787 568581 or email