Dog pysiotherapy using low level laser


Before any veterinary physiotherapy can begin, a referral must be obtained from your veterinarian. If this has not already been provided, we can obtain this on your behalf. This lets us to know a little more about your animals condition, which helps guide our physiotherapy. In cases where an operation has been performed, a veterinarian may suggest the types of physiotherapy required, subject to our own evaluation.


All appointments are carried out at the patients home or yard. We start by carrying out a thorough assessment to ensure we understand your animals current condition and overall wellbeing. A great deal of time is spent assessing lameness, palpating and assessing muscle tone to find areas of tension or pain, as well as evaluating joint mobility and functionality. We may also complete a full biomechanical analysis of your animals movement, if it is appropriate to do so. Once evaluated, we will then construct a rehabilitation plan. This usually includes manual physiotherapy such as massage and/or stretching, alongside electrotherapies such as low level laser, and therapeutic exercises.


After our initial treatment we will send a report back to the veterinarian detailing our findings, and agree with the owners on any ongoing or additional physiotherapy treatments that may be required.
Subsequent appointments will then build on what has been achieved so far, to ensure each patient reaches their optimum health as quickly as possible.

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