Manual therapies

A "manual" therapy is simply a hands on technique to assist your animal. It may be one of many different types of massage strokes to assist with muscle issues, range of motion techniques to restore functionm or stretching technques to  improve flexibility and performance

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Our therapists can utilise a number of devices designed to optimise healing and reduce recovery time, including:

Therapeutic ultrasound

Laser therapy

Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field


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Remedial Exercise

To assist an animal back to full fitness as quickly as possible your therapist will prescribe and demonstrate a range of exercises to be completed at the home or yard. These will be regualary reviewed and updated as the animal progresses.

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Most people are familiar with the therapeutic benefits of canine hydrotherapy. We can also arrange hydrotherapy sessions to allow your dog to  benefit from both pool and underwater treadmill therapy when needed.

Every animal is unique, so a skilled physiotherapist will employ a range of techniques to ensure the best outcome for your animal..

Click here to read a fantastic, in-depth breakdown of canine physiotherapy and the treatment process. Published by Jay Gray in the Academic Journal of Canine Science.