Canine massage

Could your dog benefit from massage or physiotherapy?

  • Do they suffer from arthritis?
  • Do they struggle with activities that used to be easy?
  • Do they sometimes seem stiff or sore, especially first thing in the morning?
  • Have they recently undergone surgery or suffered an accident?
  • Do they seem grumpy or has there been a detrimental change in behaviour?

In truth, any dog, just like humans can benefit from massage therapy at any time, but it is especially useful for pain relief, to ease sore muscles and tension, or to assist with recovery after injury or an accident

Canine physiotherapy massage differs from traditional comfort or sport massages in that it seeks to identify and improve musculoskletal issues, whilst reducing pain and discomfort. Because each appointment is carried out by a qualified veterinary physiotherapist, it may also include elements of stretching, electrotherapies such as low level laser and be accompanied by a gentle exercise programme to regain ease of movement

Typically an initial session takes approximately one hour, during which time we will discuss the dog's medical history, current condition, and perform a full static and dynamic assessment. This is also a great opportunity to discuss any other concerns you may have regarding your dog's overall health and condition. A lot can be accomplished in a single session, however many clients opt for a small number of follow up sessions to ensure any condition is dealt with, or in instances such as arthritis many choose to have regular appointments to ensure their dog is as comfotable as possible


An initial session including history, assessment and treatment £50. Discounts are available for block bookings, service animals and ongoing maintenance sessions.

To book contact Scott Blake on 07787 568581